Sainte Marguerite en Provence

Côtes de Provence
Sainte Marguerite en Provence is the story of the Fayard family, guided through two generations by their quest for excellence in crafting organic Provence rosé wines
distinguished by their freshness, finesse,and crystal-clear colour.
A winery esteemed from the Côtes de Provence Appelation, and nestled within the borders of La Londe, one of the most renowned costal terroirs
thus introducing our rose wines Symphonie and Fantastique.

Fantastique rosé

Cru Classé des Côtes-de-Provence, Fantastique rosé embodies the quintessence of a terroir and a savoir-faire.

Symphonie rosé

Distinguished by its finesse, fresh notes and generous aromatic profile, it is a perfect introduction to the House style.